Quick Smoke with the Green Mountain Grill

While it's great to run a 10hr smoke on thick cuts like brisket or beef short ribs, sometimes you need to get a meal out in half the time. Using the Green Mountain Grills LEDGE with WiFi makes this process a bit of a dream. If you're going to be close by the grill for the smoke, you can connect directly to the grill, or if you need to sneak back to the office, it's fairly easy to connect to the GMG server and connect to your grill from anywhere.


5.5hrs to Fantastic Short Ribs

For this smoke, we basted our brisket, short ribs and pork ribs in a BBQ sauce overnight with a dash of Masterfoods smoked and charred Alabama style rub (a really easily obtainable solution if you can't get a fancy American rub). With a few tweaks to the WiFi grill connection, we got the smoke started at 7am, throwing in the thick cut brisket and beef short ribs first - and bringing in the pork back ribs and spare ribs about halfway through the smoke.


Green Mountain Grills Perth  Green Mountain Grills Perth


We took everything out at 12:30pm and let them rest for about 30 mins. While the brisket and short ribs don't quite get the smoke ring you'd achieve on a 10hr smoke, they were pretty damn good. Running the smoke at a higher temp (we started at 185F and then cranked up the last 3 hours to 300F) you definitely achieve the internal temp needed to get a beautifully soft brisket, with just a little less smoke flavour than the longer cook gives you.


Green Mountain Grills Perth  Green Mountain Grills Perth


Make it Easy with WiFi

Overall, a great way to do a quick smoke if you don't have time for a 10-12hr (my preferred length) or don't have it in you to get up at 2am and get the grill started. That said, connecting to the GMG server, you could sit up in bed and do it from your phone then drift back into dreamland. For us it took a few goes to connect to the GMG server, so our recommendation is get your server connection sorted before smoke day because it can cut into a 5hr time-frame. (*We do recommend being within spitting distance of your grill however - just in case there are any issues.)

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