Safety First: Coronavirus CoVID-19

Safety First: Coronavirus Policies & Procedures

Due to limited essential medical supply stock and the uncertainity over supply, Marketplace will only supply products defined as "medical essentials" to existing account holders defined by the Australian Government as essential workers or organisations. Thank you for your understanding as we 'work togerther' to fight the COVID-19. 

Keeping our Customers Safe

Marketplace Supplies are committed to maintaining a consistent supply chain as far as is possible during this challenging time. Our team have implemented health, safety and sanitisation procedures throughout our entire processing workflow to ensure there is limited risk to our clients and customers.

While some of our suppliers are having difficulty maintaining a flow of particular product lines, for the majority of our suppliers it's business as usual. In order to continue to supply our customers and protect the community we have implemented strict procedures with regards to handling the products that we deliver to you. This includes;


  • Product Handling: All products are only handled by Marketplace staff that have been approved and cleared for health and hygeine. Our delivery network have implemented the same procedures. No warehouse pick up or express delivery service.

  • Sanitisation: All staff are following a strict hand and product sanitisation procedure in line with government and best-practice guidelines.

  • Staff Safety: All staff are required to immediately report any health issues and will be excluded from handling any products or interacting with our delivery staff.

  • Working from home: Staff that are not required in the product handling or delivery process will be working from home to avoid exposure.


Unfortunately there have been disruptions to our delivery partners, so there will be delays on particular product lines. We appreciate your patience and assure you that we're doing our best to keep you supplied and safe. If you'd like more information on the CoVID-19 government response, click on this LINK. If you're a small business looking for support, check out the WA Government support packages here.

Marketplace Supplies Team