Applebright Manual Dishwashing Liquid

5L 100% Biodegradable

Size: 5L

  • Concentrated formula
  • Pleasant apple perfume
  • pH neutral and solvent free
  • Leaves dishes squeaky clean

Applebright is a pH neutral manual dishwashing detergent. Applebright is excellent for use in hard and soft water. It combines the rapid cleaning of all common food soils with stable suds and tremendous fat emulsification properties. Applebright has a concentrated formula leaving dishes ultra-shiny.


Whiteley Industrial manufactures productsthat comply with Australian and International environmental policies. Whiteley Industrial ensure that every product is 100% biodegradable, whilst achieving optimal performance and benefit to customers. All Whiteley Industrial products are supplied in 100% recyclable containers. Whiteley Industrial and its staff are fully committed to ensuring that our Australian environment and those international environsin which our products are used are enhanced by the use of technology, and that these environments are preserved for the enjoyment of future generations.


SKU 010236
Brand Whiteley
Shipping Weight 5.0000kg